Thursday, August 1

8:30 am          Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00am          Welcome and Opening Remarks

Top 10 Tips for Greater Success

Joe Micallef

Throughout the conference Joe Micallef will share his passion for growing banks and watching movies in an entertaining presentation that combines valuable leadership advice with memorable movie moments. With more than 27 years experience successfully leading banks across the globe, Joe will share his top 10 tips and techniques for achieving greater leadership success and bank growth. Participants will walk away with a number of tactical and philosophical tips that will support key takeaways from the conference and help improve your leadership skills, behaviors and beliefs.

9:15am          Clarifying Your Why

Sarah Noll Wilson

In this interactive session, Sarah Noll Wilson will teach us what we need to know about the clarifying your why as a leader, as an organization, and as a person. As an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Transformer of Teams, Researcher, soon to be Author, Sarah helps people close the gap between what they intend to do and the actual impact they make. Sarah creates a safe, honest environment, preparing people to deal with real-world conflict, have more meaningful conversations, and create purposeful relationships.

10:30am           Networking Break

10:45am          Think Quick! Etiquette Dos & Don’ts

Jodie Beach

Should your business socks match your shoes or your slacks? Does your name badge go on the right side or the left side? When should you start talking business at a meeting over a meal? Jodie Beach will answer these questions and many more during her fast paced presentation on business etiquette. In addition to business skills and dinning etiquette, she will challenge you to take a look at the visual image you are projecting to your customer.

11:45am          Networking Lunch

Sponsored by Bankers’ Bank

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12:30pm          Networking Round Table Activity

This session will provide an opportunity to participate in multiple hot-topic roundtable discussions. Topics will be explored from the varied perspectives of table participants. There will be three different roundtable segments, each with a different topic.

1:30pm          Networking Break

1:45pm          Industry Panel

Ron Hansen, Superintendent of Banking, Sharon Presnall, Senior Vice President Government Relations/Compliance at Iowa Bankers Association, Tony Fahrenkrog, Vice President & Manager, Financial Institutions at Bankers Trust Company

2:30pm          Networking Break

2:40pm          Amazon Prime Effect

Ray Langen

Subscription services are quickly becoming the dominate strategy of today’s best retailers and have caused a monumental shift in the way people buy. More than 50% of all American households now subscribe to Amazon Prime, and more than 200 million people subscribe to this and other retail services such as Netflix, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club, Costco and AAA. Bank marketers have a duty to understand these trends and drive their banks beyond just transactions to connect better with the lifestyles of today’s modern consumers.

4:00pm          Adjourn